Laser Wart Removal

Get rid of warts safely by laser wart removal!

Warts are non-cancerous tumors that can grow on any part of the body and are a result of human papillomavirus (HPV). It is a small self-limited growth on skin that usually goes on its own. There are times when it becomes too large or starts bleeding. Also, when it develops on such areas like feet and hands which are in constant touch, then they can get worse by becoming painful.

Traditionally, warts were being removed through surgical procedures or by the use of certain chemicals. These methods may not treat the infected area fully increasing the chances of reappearance of warts. They can be painful and require longer healing time.

The most effective way to remove wart safely is LightPod laser technology. Without the requirement of any surgical invasions, laser targets the wart specifically passing through the top most layer of skin. It then targets the blood vessels feeding the wart and destroys it. The surrounding tissue is left undamaged, only the infected area is affected by the laser. This safe procedure leads to no scarring of the skin and the discomfort is also minimized. Unlike surgical procedures, healing does not need a long duration.

Extremely deep absorption of laser energy is delivered by powerful 650 microsecond pulse. It specifically targets and kills the vasculature which practically feeds the wart. By doing so, it cuts the blood supply which leads to the drying and falling off of the wart infected skin tissues. This is particularly helpful when treating large warts and the ones that grow on feet.

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