Eliminate signs of aging and other skin damages by Vi Peel!

Signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles can be diminished through Vi Peel. Skin which is prone to acne or pimple or is damaged due to over-exposure to sun can be treated effectively by Vi Peel provided at U-ANEW by highly experienced team of skin care specialists.

Without going through a lengthy process or any kind of pain, Vi Peel is an effective chemical peel that creates astounding results. Smooth, supple and clear skin is what you get after getting treated by this amazingly beneficial peel. This non-invasive and non-surgical procedure is extremely successful in curing damaged skin turning it into a younger looking much healthier skin.

The chemical gently peels off the outer skin, thus getting rid of the damaged skin cells. To heal the blisters, new skin cells start getting generated thus boosting the production of collagen which further leads to growth of healthier skin cells making it look younger.

The kind of discomfort which is commonly experienced while getting treated through other chemical peels, is not felt during Vi Peel offered at U-ANEW. This is due to the fact that Vi Peel contains anesthetic. This lowers the pain to a great extent. Patients report feeling a stinging sensation at the beginning which gradually subsides due to the presence of anesthetic. Visit our boutique style clinic today and gift your skin a younger look and feel by opting for super effective Vi Peel!

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