Laser Tattoo Removal


Get that unwanted tattoo removed by laser tattoo removal procedure!

More than half of all those who get a tattoo done, maybe to express some thought or as a sign of rebelliousness or just as a symbol of youthfulness, regret it at some point of time. On occasion they reach a stage when that tattoo does not hold any significance at all in the current scenario, then obviously they would like to get rid of it. The most painless and effective way to make that tattoo vanish is through laser therapy.

Each tattoo is unique in design, the procedure should be specifically targeted to remove it in the best possible manner. There are lot of other methods but none of them is as effective as the laser tattoo removal. Instead of opting for painful and exorbitantly priced methods, which may also lead to scarring and improper removal of the tattoo, one must go for the safest and effective technology of laser usage yielding amazing results.

After analyzing the person’s age, skin tone, size of tattoo and depth of the skin to which the tattoo is etched, proper steps are decided to carry out the laser removal technique. Short pulses of strong light are made to pass through the top most layers of the skin that is absorbed by the skin pigments affected by the tattoo. The tattoo pigments break and become a part of the blood stream which is then removed through body fluids. Depending upon the size, design and area of the body the tattoo is on, the usage of numbing creams or anesthesia and number of sessions required is planned so as to remove the tattoo successfully. The LightPod Neo will successfully treat black and blue ink tattoos.

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