Ultra Peels


Remove the signs of maturing skin by opting for Ultra Peels!

Suitable for all skin types, Ultra Peel service provided by us is specially designed for the treatment of matured and dehydrated skin. By diminishing the presence of visible fine lines and wrinkles, this peel makes skin look smooth and younger.

Without any invasive or surgical procedure, this painless process rejuvenates skin and turns it into soft and supple. Even the most sensitive skin can be effectively treated by ultra peel. Damage caused due to over exposure to sun leading to tan and patches can be treated by this peel. Also, the ones having acne prone skin or scars of acne or are prone to frequent acne or pimples break-out can get a lot of benefit from this method. Disorder like hyper-pigmentation can also be treated by this procedure.

Since ultra peel produces a very mild tingling sensation, it is ideal for extremely sensitive skin too. Depending on the severity of the skin damage, the treatment will be processed by our team of experts after deciding the number of layers required to be applied. Based on that, exfoliation is experienced ranging from moderate to aggressive again depending upon the extent to which the skin is damaged.

Ultra Peel services offered by our professional boutique style practice results in hydrated, younger looking, wrinkle free and plump skin. Even skin tone will be achieved without harming the skin in any way and without leading to any kind of massive side-effect. Complexion gets clearer and overall look and feel of the skin emerges as velvety.

With 12 years of rich expertise in the domain of Cosmetology, our medical director is passionate about dermatology and provides supreme quality aesthetic care through Uanew. Visit us today to avail effective skin rejuvenating regime!

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