Laser Rejuvenation/Tightening

Tighten and rejuvenate your skin through laser technology!

By non-surgical and minimally invasive laser technology, skin gets tightened by heating the collagen under the skin through infrared light radiation. This is an FDA approved procedure which is highly recommended for effective reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

This procedure being safe and effective is widely accepted and approved by leading cosmetologists. Number of sessions depend upon the condition of the skin. The positive impact of the laser technology to make skin firm ranges from moderate to good, depending upon the severity to which skin has lost its firmness. As far as facial skin is concerned, the results are almost immediate but with other areas of the body, successful imparting of youthful and smooth skin through laser varies.

The treatment of skin tightening leads to production of new collagen which is the main reason behind younger and refreshed skin. It also enhances absorption of new collagen from the surrounding healthy body areas. Gradually, the natural collagen storage of skin gets revitalized, making the patient’s skin wrinkle-free and tight.

The procedure is not painful and patients can return to normal activity immediately following the treatment! On average a patient will require 3 treatments to achieve desired results.

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