Get nail fungal infection treated effectively!

Fungi is present almost everywhere on the body along with a number of bacteria, the infection occurs when this fungus starts to over-progress.

Laser Nail Fungus

Fingernails or toenails getting affected by fungal infection are quite common. Resulting from the overgrowth of fungi inside or under or on the nail is the main cause of nail fungus. A moist and warm condition proves to be favorable to the further growth of fungus in the nail. Fungi can also spread by coming in contact with a person already having an infection. While getting any beauty treatment like pedicure or manicure done at any of the salons, the hygiene, maintenance and staff upkeep must be taken into consideration, or else one is at risk of contracting the fungal infection.

Those who are diabetic, use artificial nails, go for swimming in public pools, keep fingers moist for a long duration, have some sort of skin injury, have a weak immune system, wear tight footwear or have a poor blood circulation are at higher risk of getting nail fungal infections.

Some of the most commonly visible signs are: a nail that gets detached from its bed, lifts up from the skin beneath, starts developing white or yellow marks, starts getting discolored, turns either too brittle or too thick.

Laser treatments provided by our team of skin care specialists at U-ANEW are FDA approved and proven to show positive results. The laser super-heats the infected tissues which lie beneath the nails which causes coagulation of the soft layer of infected skin. This leads to surprisingly amazing improvement in the condition of the nail bringing it back to normal color and shape. Visit our boutique style clinic today and get rid of nail fungal infection most effectively!

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