Have a smooth and acne free skin through laser acne treatment!

Acne can really snatch away your confidence. It is not a skin condition that is just limited to teenage, it can stretch even to adulthood. Once the acne is treated, dealing with deep scars is yet another important issue.

There are various treatments to cure acne vulgaris which involve removal of the outer skin and getting rid of acne which are otherwise clearly visible. Treatment through laser removes the acne without harming the healthy skin cells, thus the level of damage is negligible.

The Light Pod Neo laser treatment, provided at U-ANEW by experts in skin care, is a pain free and extremely successful method in which the sebaceous gland along with its surrounding is super-heated. This way the acne bacteria is targeted specifically. This treatment is very safe leading to quick results and is suitable for all skin types. It results in reduction of usage of antibiotics too.

Through Light Pod Neo laser, complete treatment can be carried out through a single procedure. It is very gentle on the skin and does not harm the undamaged cells in any way. This treatment helps in retention of younger looking skin. This treatment can cure a number of skin problems like acne, spider veins, wrinkles, melasma, rosacea and scars, thus bestowing your skin with a healthy glow.

Be it any skin type, any skin tone or pain sensitivity, laser acne removal offered by our team of passionate and experienced experts is suitable for all. Even the ones suffering from active acne can get amazing benefits from this treatment. The new 650 microsecond pulse technology leads to a comfortable treatment procedure due to practically no direct contact of laser hand piece with the skin. Visit U-ANEW and get result oriented laser treatment for acne removal!

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