Juvederm For Looking Fresher And Younger

Make your skin absolutely wrinkle free by getting treated by our passionate team of skin experts.

Juvederm is used for correction of facial wrinkles ranging from moderate to severe intensity. It belongs to the group of injectable hyaluronic acid that is a known to cure wrinkles. The positive impact of the treatment, which is the elimination of fine lines, lasts for as long as nine months to one year. If you feel your lips need augmentation or that you are quite unhappy the way aging is slowly showing evident sings on your face, Juvederm is the best cosmetic treatment for you.


Juvederm is injected directly into the skin causing a little bit of discomfort and pain. Some of the its products contain local anesthesia which facilitates in reducing the pain. Some practitioners opt to numb the area before the fine needle is inserted. Creases around mouth, nose or forehead can be reduced to a great extent through this cosmetic procedure, the effects of which last for a much longer time as compared to other fine line removal cosmetic procedures. This method is also used to treat scars like the ones appeared due to acne. Even the size and shape of lips can be enhanced by Juvederm.

Consumption of alcohol, sun exposure and exercising is advised to be avoided within 24 hours of the treatment, or else, temporary swelling or redness may appear in the treated area. Use of  aspirin, or ibuprofen may lead to prolonged bleeding, and thus these are being asked to avoid before and after the treatment.

Most side effects like swelling, redness, lumps, itching, discoloration, disappear within a week.

Go ahead, get Juvederm done at our professional boutique U-ANEW in the most safe and effective style. Show-off that lovely skin texture!

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