Weight Management

Get that fit and fabulous look!

If you are overweight or underweight, you are at a higher risk of health related ailments like blood pressure or cholesterol or blood sugar. Achieving a healthy weight through balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is what is ideal weight management. Adopting nutritious eating habits accompanied by essential exercises on a regular basis leads to maintenance of healthy weight.

We, at U-NEW, offer easy to execute weight management plans that will definitely help you achieve the perfect weight. The plans that the experts at our clinic recommend are:


HCG Diet:

A low calorie diet is strictly followed along with the injections of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). This procedure is known to result in dramatic weight loss by an extreme diet paired with HCG injections on a daily basis.

MIC Injection/Lipo Shot:

Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) Injections along with a restricted calorie diet and regular exercise, generate miraculous results in reducing weight by releasing fat through the body. The areas that are mainly targeted by this vitamin cocktail MIC are hips, inner thighs, buttocks and underarms.

Phenteramine RX:

This is an appetite suppressant, making the person lose appetite and thus control his or her diet effectively.

Healthy lifestyle changes are introduced so as not to have a diet lacking in essential nutrients. By killing the cravings, this method is an effective way of reducing weight.

Clear Change 10 Day Program with UltraClear:

10-Day Program featuring UltraClear Plus is designed to enhance the body’s natural metabolic detoxification process while providing adequate fuel for both cleansing and other daily activities—providing energy and support for overall well-being. Many people benefit from completing a 10-day metabolic detoxification program two to three times a year. The 10-day program is ideal for anyone wanting to benefit from an occasional “Spring Cleaning” or somebody who eats a reasonably healthy diet, exercises regularly, and manages stress adequately.Order at 9502.metagenics.com

Clear Change 28 Day Program with UltraClear:

The 28-day program is ideal for those who present with decreased vitality, individuals who eat a diet heavy in processed food and/or lacking in beneficial phytonutrients, or those who have a sedentary or high stress lifestyle.

It’s an easy-to-follow eating plan with UltraClear Plus nutritional powder mix and AdvaClear® dietary supplement capsules that will help patients get on track to feel better and more energized. Many people benefit from completing a 28-day metabolic detoxification program once or twice a year. Order at 9502.metagenics.com

Our team of experts at U-NEW will guide you through the most suitable diet plan and the most appropriate procedure to assist you in your weight management. Visit our clinic and get that perfect look.

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